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We are a non profit laboratory developing a case for awe in changemaking.

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It's becoming impossible to ignore the crossroads we have reached. We are facing an intertwined social and environmental polycrisis disproportionately affecting all life on Earth. The prevailing narratives and tools we reach for have been rooted in superficial learning, fear, and guilt. They have fallen short.

More than ever, we need to sit in the ambiguity of this time. There is so much that is both awesome and awful, and awe allows us to navigate this liminal space where both can exist at once. Awe can be an antidote to apathy.


We champion the power of awe as a catalyst for genuine change, urging a shift from mere knowledge accumulation to profound emotional engagement.

While we may not have all the answers, we believe awe is a universal ingredient —a muscle we can all flex—that gestures us toward a sense of interconnectedness. Our vision is to ignite a movement where change is not just enacted but deeply felt, inspiring a collective journey towards a more empathetic and resonant future.

Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that challenges your understanding of the world.

You know that feeling.
When you see a multicolored sunset.
When you find yourself dancing as one with a crowd.
When a work of art makes you pause.

That feeling is probably awe.

Awe can transcend our understanding of the world.
It can instill curiosity for each other and our planet.
It can smother eco-anxiety.
It can even inspire us to take action.
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An open inquiry into awe as a catalyst for change.

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We are weaving a web, connecting awe to social and environmental change-making. 


Are you an organization
open to experimenting with awe as an ingredient for impact?

We want to hear from you. 

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