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This is where awe and changemaking live.

You know that feeling.
When you see a multicolored sunset.
When you find yourself dancing as one with a crowd.
When a work of art makes you pause.

That feeling is probably awe.

Awe can transcend our understanding of the world.
It can distill curiosity for our planet.
It can smother eco-anxiety.
It can inspire us to take action.
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Discover our knowledge web

An open inquiry into awe as a catalyst for change-making.

We're building an interdisciplinary web of knowledge, explorations, insights. 

This web is the starting place for our Awe-Based Activism tools. 

Awe can be an antidote to apathy.

We're developing the potential for awe to spark collective action. 

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Feasts of Awe: an open invitation for awe to mobilize change.

An intimate gathering of unexpected guests for a moment of rest, a moment of honesty, curiosity, and, quite possibly, a moment of awe. 

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Are you an organization
open to experimenting with awe as an ingredient for impact?

There are many ways we can collaborate.

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