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We develop awe based strategies for making change.

What is 'awe'?

Awe is an emotion of overwhelming wonder, admiration, respect, or fear elicited by something grand, sublime, or extremely powerful. It involves a sense of bewilderment, astonishment, and transcendence in the face of something that defies our usual frames of reference. Awe makes us feel small in comparison to the vastness of the universe, yet also connected to forces larger than ourselves.

The word "awe" traces back to Old English "ege", meaning fear or terror. In other languages it is conveyed by words like "sublime" (French), "Ehrfurcht" (German), "temor" (Spanish), "timore" (Italian), "畏" (Chinese), "भयंकर" (Hindi), and "畏れ" (Japanese).


Across cultures, awe is intertwined with reverence and deep appreciation of meaning. Experiences that provoke awe are often spiritual, divine, or supernaturally significant. Awe expands our perception, creating humility and urging us to revise our mental schemas. It is both unsettling and uplifting - the experience of awe shakes us out of ordinary consciousness in order to open us up to the extraordinary.

What We Do

We anchor change-making in our shared capacity to experience awe. We develop awe-based tools for change-makers to reimagine the possible, to foster collective action rooted in curiosity and wonder.

Our Founding Team

Laura François - Director, Co-Founder

Benjamin Von Wong - Co-Founder

Eeshta Malhotra - Director of Impact

Tasmin Vosloo - Producer 

Kat Dunn - Curator 

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