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What are Feasts of Awe?

An intimate gathering of unexpected guests for a moment of rest, a moment of honesty, curiosity, and, quite possibly, a moment of awe. 

A feast for the heart designed for (but not exclusively)those who spend much of their time striving for the positive future of our planet, while constantly forced to make sense of the chaos that is so often negative.

Pick a date

Pick a place to host up to 8 people. It can be a park, living room or even a restaurant.
Food and drink are not necessary, though sharing a meal can always deepen connection. 


Download our guide

Invitation templates and a '3 course meal' of conversation. 


Gather unusual suspects

Invite up 3 to 8 people that consider themselves connected to the climate movement (possibly in unexpected ways).

Dig in!


Send us a snapshot

So far, Feasts have been held over two continents. 
Never two the same. 
We'd love to hear how your Feast unfolded, and where the questions took you!

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